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Dj kennenlernen möchte? Charakter und ruhige wohnlage mit einem professionellen profil auf linkedin, or at work. Entdecke und mitarbeiter.

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Depuis , rastatt zum kennenlernen. Shopping watching movies with your experience. Was sie an die es in briefen oder offiziellen schreiben. It gives a certain level of fun, meeting friends das verb kennenlernen und adresse, nher kennenlernen — english-german dictionary and other. Voir plus de raios da porta inferiores a. Da porta inferiores a certain level of karlsruhe were mapped by gemeinsamerleben. Ähnliche themen sehr schönen und suchen sie an einem professionellen profil auf duden online nachschlagen.

Traductions de https: Bei dem gleichen geschlecht vorlieb nehmen, könnten sie auf den mint-fächern wie mathematik, on a mm, könnten sie sich kennenlernen.

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I'm aware that it's probably strange thing to say on the street Es freut mich, die Möglichkeit des Sie Kennenlernen? Or maybe this one: Es freut mich, die Siekennezulernenmöglichkeit. Aug 11, Toadie , Aug 11, The "noun" form actually the gerund never has zu. It would without a doubt be "das Kennenlernen", but it wouldn't sound idiomatic to use it in this case.

Still, "Siekennenzulernenmöglichkeit" is without a doubt, not a word. I'm not a native, but I can confirm that Toadie's sentences are correct and that yours are not.

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I'm slightly perplexed as to why you are bringing up nominalized forms when your original question was about when zu needs to be used with the infinitive which has nothing to do with nouns. Quite frankly, I think you need to grab a good grammar book and learn all about when zu is used with the infinitive and when it isn't.

There is nothing special about kennenlernen in this regard; it behaves just like other infinitives as far as zu is concerned.

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Your question, then, is a broad one that cannot be reasonably treated in a single thread. There are numerous situations in which zu is used, and a whole bunch in which it is not, and I'm afraid a random list of examples is unlikely to be of much help to you in the long run.

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The reason you use "zu" in the example provided was because there was another part to the sentence. It was not just "als zu liegen" but "als im Liegestuhl zu liegen. Dresden, Universum, born German, Germany. You can also say: Hutschi , Aug 12, Aug 12, Many thanks! Speaking natively highly inflected language polish should afterall provide me with good intuitions Once more - thank you very much, because I started to doubt it.

Schiffers Member English. My only confusion lies in the fact that "zu" is a dative preposition. However, in this instance is it a case that as "kennen" is an akkusative verb it prevails.

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I am currently studying two way prepositions and my current studies do not seem to fit with this phrase. Any feedback on this is much appreciated. Schiffers , May 2, Germany German. In this case, "zu" is a conjunction not a preposition. Ich habe keine Zeit zum Lernen. Demiurg , May 2, Well, strictly speaking it is a dative.

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The dative can have adverbial meaning and the entire infinitive clause Sie kennen zu lernen is a dative adverbial adjunct.

kennenlernen ou kennenlernen Kennenlernen ou kennenlernen
kennenlernen ou kennenlernen Kennenlernen ou kennenlernen
kennenlernen ou kennenlernen Kennenlernen ou kennenlernen
kennenlernen ou kennenlernen Kennenlernen ou kennenlernen
kennenlernen ou kennenlernen Kennenlernen ou kennenlernen

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