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27 Feb

When a solid-color wall doesn’t cut it, consider using stamps, decals, wallpaper or a painted pattern to liven up your space. A patterned wall makes an instant focal point. Take a look at these ideas to see if one gives you an idea for your house. Then tell us: Are you experimenting with pattern this year? 1. Stamped diamonds. This simple diamond motif, sparingly applied, creates a fun but still understated look. Be sure to test your stamp first on paper, and then in an inconspicuous area on the wall (behind a dresser, for example) to make sure the stamp color will show up well on the wall.

When to use stamps: Stamps are a great tool for a beginning DIY project because they are straightforward to use and much easier to get right than stencils. Try using a stamped wall pattern in the bedroom, hall or kids’ room. Stick with a simple, small shape, and practice your spacing on a sheet of poster board before moving to the wall. 2. Chevron wallpaper. Chevron may have peaked (and dipped) in popularity, but this classic pattern will always hold appeal — especially in a subtle color, as shown here.

When to use wallpaper: If you’d rather not tackle a DIY project like stamping, hiring a pro to put up wallpaper is a wonderful way to add color and pattern to any room in the house. And with so many stunning options out there, your choices are nearly limitless. 3. Modern sponge painting. Thought sponge painting went out with the ‘90s? Like some other trends from decades past (’80s neon, we’re looking at you) sponge painting just may be due for a revival. Unlike the pastel-hued borders and full-wall effects of the past, the modern take on sponge painting is straightforward. In the nursery shown here, a trio of triangles were cut and used to stamp in vertical rows on a soft gray background.

When to sponge paint: You have to know that sponge painting will give your pattern a more mottled appearance. If you prefer a crisper look, go with a traditional stamp instead. Sponge painting in this method (sponge as stamp) is easy enough for a beginner to achieve. Try it out in a nursery or other small space. 4. Herringbone wallpaper. Neat and on-trend, but classic enough to last, a graphic herringbone wallpaper like this one from Serena & Lily is a great choice for a powder room or breakfast nook.

Is wallpaper really OK to use in the bath? Yes! As long as the paper has been properly applied, there shouldn’t be a problem. And of course, ventilating your bathroom well during and after showers is always a smart idea.

5. Dot decals. The random pattern of dots on the wall of this nursery is reminiscent of confetti — perfect for the celebratory atmosphere of welcoming a new baby into the world. For a different look, you could apply the same decals evenly across the wall.

When to use decals: You basically can’t go wrong with removable decals — they stick right on, and are easily moved if you need to make adjustments. Do consider how well your wall color will contrast when choosing your decals. High contrast, such as black on white, is more dramatic. Low contrast, such as dove gray on white, is subtler.

6. Hand-painted triangles. Homeowners Adam and Alicia Rico put their painting degrees to work when decorating their 1920s Dallas colonial. Without a stencil, or even a plan, the couple painted this striking geometric mural in their master bedroom using 11 colors. For a simpler take on the look, use larger triangles and fewer colors; mark out the shapes using painter’s tape before starting work. Before beginning, use a pencil to note which color goes where directly on the wall to avoid confusion.

When to hand paint: A complex, multi-hued pattern like the one here is not easy but is doable for those with some DIY experience (and a lot of patience). If you have the time and a good eye for precise detail, hand painting can be a great way to achieve a wallpaper-like look for less.

7. Pyramids wallpaper. Bold, statement-making wallpaper like this instantly draws the eye. Consider papering a single accent wall in a pattern that you love to wake up a tired living room, hall or powder room.

Are you ready for a big, bold pattern? If you are craving more color and oomph in your space but prefer neutral, solid color furniture and fabrics, a bold accent wall could be just the thing. If you enjoy changing things up frequently with colorful, patterned textiles and upholstery, you might want to hold off on doing a bold papered wall. Wallpaper is not easily changed, so you won’t have as many options for tweaking your decor down the line. Order a sample of the paper you are considering, and live with it taped to the wall for a while before committing.

8. Framed wallpaper. A bright, circus-inspired diamond print paper from Cole & Son was used like a huge art installation in this vibrant living space. Using simple moldings painted to match the walls creates the look of a giant frame around the wallpaper.

When to think of framed wallpaper: Framing wallpaper, either in actual frames, or using molding, is a great way to show off a bold, artistic paper without covering an entire wall. Smaller, sample-size or leftover pieces can be framed and hung like art. A larger application, like the one seen here, is a great way to fill a big blank wall over the sofa or above a bed.

9. Hand-painted dots. Bright, candy-colored polka dots are hand painted onto the walls of this colorful bathroom. While not easy, hand painting a simple motif like this is a bit less intimidating than tackling a trickier geometric pattern (as seen in No. 6), and is less costly than wallpapering.

What if you make mistakes while hand painting? First, take a deep breath, and stay calm. Don’t let one slip-up turn you off the entire project. Don’t try to fix or cover the mistake right away. Move on, and when it’s dry, paint over the offending area with a bit of the background wall color. When that dries, go in with the color and try again.

10. Circles wallpaper. Simple, open circles on a white background brings fresh, graphic punch to this breakfast bar. A two color wallpaper like this leaves a lot of room for playing with color elsewhere in the space.


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